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  • OneLane is on a mission to make life easier for parents…or at least parts of it! If you ask any parent of young children, you will hear that a big stress in daily parenting life is the routine of getting children to their daily activities and school. In fact, we asked parents and this is what they said:


    “After-school is a logistical nightmare”

    “It is impossible to be in two places at the same time when you work & have active children”

    “Hiring nannies gets expensive because they require minimum hours”


    Being parents ourselves, we recognised that with a little bit of technology, this stressful and unstructured routine could be innovated and much improved. So we set out on a mission to build an app-based marketplace that allows parents to connect with childcare professionals — we call them “Guardians” — who can help with getting children to their activities and school, provide short-term childcare, and include hand-over and accompanying services. Our Guardians can not only help with getting the children ready in the mornings but also accompany them to activities and then ensure that they return home safely. Essentially an all-in-one bespoke childcare solution for unaccompanied minors, i.e. those who require adult supervision.


    We are still at the very early stages in our journey of building the UK’s first Pickup & Care service and look forward to many more innovations in the years to come. We there welcome our users to share any insights and ideas for how we can continue to build out the service and improve this routine for parents and the children.




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