New milestone reached! 50th school

Our Ride & Care service is particularly popular for school runs and after school care. Today we reached a great milestone as our service has now been used by children at 50 different schools in London! For example, St Michael’s School, Lyndhurst House Preparatory School, Ibstock Place School, the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, Edmund Waller Primary School, Highgate School, Wetherby School, and Hornsey School for Girls. Basically from all over London!

It was only a few months ago when we celebrated our first school, so this is a great milestone that the team feels very proud about. And with a backlog of bookings for September, we are set to reach the 100th school very soon.

Factoid: did you know that about half of school children in the UK go to school by car, equating to about 2.1M pupils at primary schools? As we build the roster of schools that we serve and the number of parents that use OneLane, our carpooling service will help to reduce the number of cars around these schools. And did we mention our aim of all zero-emission cars within the next 2-3 years? A big cheer for the environment and the health of the children at these schools!

Meet our Guardians - Kate

Ever wondered who our Guardians are? Kate was one of our first Guardians and is arguably one of the most engaged Guardians. Her active engagement with clients and support of other Guardians makes her our brand ambassador. 

Listen to Kate talking about OneLane and her childcare experience!

New team member – Jina!

This is Jina! She recently joined our fabulous team here in London as our Business Development Super Star. After few days of a crash course in the world of OneLane, she is now spearheading the company’s offline growth efforts, partnership activities, and much more. A perfect addition to the team.

Over to Jina to tell you more!

1. Welcome to the team! Tell us a bit about yourself.

HI! I’m really excited to join the team! I’m the mum of a two year old daughter, Ines. Originally born and raised in California, I moved to New York for university and worked there for a short time after graduation before moving to London. I also went to business school in France and Singapore. My hobbies include cooking and eating food, staying fit, and spending time with my energetic daughter and lovely husband. We spend quite a lot of time engineering activities for her!  

2. Why OneLane? 

I believe in the concept and business and want to be involved from these early stages. We solve a real problem for busy parents and busy children who go to school and have multiple activities throughout the week and I identify with the target customer. As a busy working mum I want to help other busy parents manage their precious time more efficiently without sacrificing safety or quality. 

3. Where and how do you see OneLane’s service being of help? 

In so many ways! Firstly in helping relieve that morning rush and stress of getting a child to school. Once school time is full time it’s hard to justify having a full time nanny on hand to do the morning and afternoon school run and finding a part time, reliable nanny is very difficult. Secondly with more than one child you have situations where the children go to different schools, have different pick up times depending on activities and age. Thirdly you have the case where a family has a very young baby and school aged children and it just gets so difficult to organise school runs as it can be impossible to leave the house with a baby/toddler. Over weekends we have families who use our services because they have two or more children wanting to do different activities at the same time. The service is also great for families who have regular dentist/physical therapy/doctor’s appointments that don’t require parental consultation. That’s just a few examples!    

4. What do you have in the pipeline for the next few months?

We’re gearing up for the launch of the carpooling and Ride & Care services by hosting focus groups across London. We’ve partnered with parenting social groups and activity providers. We will partner with local schools as we provide a way for parents to carpool their children, reducing the congestion around schools, reducing pollution, and improving neighbour relations.  

5. And finally, what were your favourite activities as a kid? :)

My two favourite activities as a kid were roller skating and swimming. I started out skating in my kitchen and upgraded to roller blading when these came out (am I revealing my age too much??). Being raised in California I spent my entire summer by the pool or beach with my cousins and friends. I’ve tried to give my daughter a love for water as well by starting her in swim classes from a young age; I’d say her confidence is greater than her ability at this point! We have a great time now at the pool and beach. 

OneLane is coming to Greenwich!

More and more parents are joining the OneLane community and parents are loving the service, with many now saying they could not live without us. We are loving it!

As a testament to that, OneLane is proud to announce a new partnership with the parent group GreenwichMums and the kids dance school Tiptoes & Tappers. Parents at Tiptoes can now avail of the OneLane service to get their kids to & from the ballet school, stress-free. The question now is, what will the parents do with the extra hour or two that they now free up? :-)

Tiptoes & Tappers is the first venue for kids in Greenwich among many to come that OneLane in partnership GreenwichMums will roll out the OneLane service to. Exciting times!

Meet & interview drivers beforehand

If we ignore the rain and the wind we could assume that the spring is finally visiting London. All the extra energy that comes along with the dose of vitamin D simply means that parents may need an extra pair of hands when it comes to entertaining their kids. And last time we checked, parents were still not able to clone themselves. So here is how we can help:

·       Meet & greet driver. You can now meet and interview our drivers beforehand, without any commitment, just like you should with any childcare service.

·       Parent ride-along. Why not ride along with your child on the first few journeys? You can select that option when you schedule a ride in our app.

·       Same driver. And as always, you receive the same driver for your regular rides. So once you get Kate as a driver, you can expect to see her regularly. A familiar face!

To stay in the loop of all our new features and exciting news, like our Facebook page and at the same time enter our 1st contest! We have some great prizes that your kids will definitely fall in love with!

Onwards & upwards!

You may have noticed by now that we love to keep you abreast with our development. And what better way to do that than sharing good news?

This week we are featured as the startup of the week on Tech.London in their StartUp-2-Watch program. To put it into perspective, out of the zillion tech startups in London, we have received recognition for the work that we are doing and the help we want to provide to parents.

And that is where you can help out – visit our website by clicking this link and you’ll help us to stay on top of that list: The more clicks we get, the higher our chance of  also becoming the startup of the month. And with that comes recognition that will help us make the service even better and serve more parents.

To read the article from Tech.London go to

Always remember to check out our blog for any upcoming news along with our Instagram and Facebook page.

Happy OneLane’ing!

Happy customer

Customer reviews are always crucial for any company, despite its size. For us as a start-up company, they are even more important because they highlight and provide feedback on the hard work we put in to every detail to ensure you are happy all the way to your kid’s final destination.

And so, we couldn’t help, there is one particular review we’d like to share. Clare from was one of our very first customers. We had the pleasure of providing our service to Clare for her daughter’s 14th birthday. Our driver Kate, who previously worked in a nursery for 7 years, ensured that Clare’s daughter and friends made it to their events over two days, safely & reliably.  To read about the girls’ experience and how invaluable OneLane was to them on that special day just visit this link:

So there you have it, yet another parent who has tried the service and is now a happy & loyal customer. We hope that it provides an encouragement to you as a parent and that you also will give OneLane a try!

Happy OneLane’ing everyone!

Half term!

Even though you may as usual have to set your morning alarm every day of next week, your kids won’t have to. Yup, half term is around the corner! There are plenty of articles and suggestions on what you can plan for your kids during half term, but most fail to mention how tough of a week it in fact is for most parents. Particularly when it comes to time management. The kids are off from school but you still have to work. Not easy!

Let us help you on that front. There are surely hundreds of activities for you to arrange for your kids, but you may struggle with finding the time to also drive them to all those activities. No matter how much you might love driving your kids, you may simply not have time next week to drive them more than usual. Well, we have that time and the ability.

Our wonderful and smiley drivers, who by the way are all female childcare experts, are happy to help you out! And even better, if you haven’t tried the service before, we want to give you the journeys during half term for free. Yup, FREE. Zilch. Zero. No dinero. Just download the app, go to the menu, click Coupons, then enter “Freebee”.  Any rides you then schedule will not be charged upon completion. Happy OneLane’ing!

Kensington Mums

Not even a windy morning in London can stop the fabulous Mums from Kensington to have a nice catch up over a cup of coffee and biscuits. Last week the OneLane team had the pleasure of joining Kensington Mums during their coffee morning and let me tell you one thing, what a good turnout! All Mums that we had a chance to chat with were passionate and provided great insight into their daily routines and how we at OneLane can build a service to better meet their needs.  All very good comments and great suggestions that we can’t wait to implement.

Once again, a big thank you to Kensington Mums for letting us to join them!

On the road!

Quite an exciting first week with many parents signing up. The honour fell with Weronika on the team to drive the first passengers. So now she has some bragging rights within the team :) We’ve worked tirelessly for months to build the service and the systems to make this service possible, so it was a bit of a tearful beginning to finally go live. Exciting times ahead!

With the cars branded, the kids all smiley, and the parents feeling less stressed, it sure has been an enjoyable start to our journey.  

For those who are currently not in our coverage area (see earlier post), worry not; we will roll out the service to other London postcodes in the near future. Download our app, register, and you will be the first to be notified of when we launch in new areas.