Are there any added safety features for a OneLane pick-up versus my existing alternatives?

Absolutely. We have implemented many processes and product features, some visible and some in the background, to ensure the highest safety. Our aim to is to make OneLane the safest, most reliable, and most transparent of all the alternatives available to you. Some of the features and processes that achieve that:

1. Given that the drivers are local, you will regularly get the same driver(s) for your repeat rides.

2. About half a day before the ride, you will receive a driver confirmation email that contains the driver’s background info, picture, and contact info. The latter so that you can call the driver ahead of time to connect or provide specific instructions. We also encourage parents to print out this driver info and pass on to the child for their reference.

3. Our cars are all branded, so that they are easily recognisable.

3. When scheduling a ride, you have a field for Special Instructions and another for Passwords. Both are in case you need to provide either specific details or a password for any given pick-up from an activity.  Only you, the passenger, and the driver will have that info. The driver will then say the password to the passenger before he or she gets into the vehicle. Also, in the near future, the drivers will also wear OneLane branding clothing, making it even easier to detect them.

4. When a ride is in progress, you as a parent receive continuous in-app ride progress updates and notifications, so that you know the status of the ride at all times.

5. When a ride is in progress, the OneLane team continuously monitors the ride, which includes real-time alerts to the OneLane team if the driver is speeding, texting, talking on the phone, and more. In other words, ensuring the safest driving.


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