Who are OneLane Guardians?

Our number one criteria when we hire people to become drivers is that they must have childcare experience. So that would be your typical nannies, teachers, nurses, and other trusted childminders. Because of the typical profiles of that hiring pool, the majority of our drivers are so far female. Following that first filtering, we then conduct the industry’s toughest background screening and vetting. That includes employer references, identity & passport checks, DVLA checks, enhanced DBS, and more. We’d like to think that only government high-security agencies conduct more in-depth background checks than we do :-)  Can you say that about most other child-related services?

Provided that a driver applicant has passed all of the above, we then have an initial training session before they start driving our passengers. Following that, we hold regular training sessions based on the driving and customer data that we collect.


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