What makes OneLane different?

OneLane has one single mission -- to help parents overcome the daily stress of juggling schedules and using various methods to get their children, safely and reliably, to and from all types of activities, events, and school. Our team is very passionate about this mission. We are continuously thinking about and tinkering with improvements, product features, and future products that can further elevate our three core promises to parents in using our app: transparency, reliability, and accountability. 

Our drivers are all people with childcare experience and know very well the challenge and stress that families face when it comes to getting children to & from different locations. We screen and vet our drivers with the toughest standard in the industry (and tougher all other child-related industries that we can think of!), so that only the best can join our team. We conduct full identity checks, document checks, enhanced DBS checks, employer reference checks, face-to-face interviews, and more. And once on board, we continuously train our drivers. In addition, we have tools that monitor things like the drivers' driving behaviour real-time during an active ride. Can you say that about other methods parents currently use to get their children to & from activities, events, and school? 


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