What are OneLane's Safety Rules?

We firstly only hire people with childcare experience to become drivers. Provided that applicants fit that bill, we then put then through a very deep and detailed background screening and vetting, process that takes several weeks. And in the last step, we train them with an on-boarding session. So already because of that process, only the best and most suitable go live.

But to continuously improve the service and elevate it to higher standards, we do two things:

1) We have a monitoring system that in real-time monitors the driving behaviours of the drivers, detecting and immediately alerting us of things like speeding, sudden braking, texting, calling, and more. Not only do we react real-time but it allows us to continuously train our drivers with data collected. Oh, and because the drivers are aware of this monitor, they do their outmost to be the safest drivers.

2) We also have a list of rules or “commandments” that our drivers abide by to make each ride as safe as possible. If a driver breaks any of these rules, they are suspended immediately.

The main rules are:

  • Drivers must obey all traffic laws and regulations.
  • Drivers may never be under the influence of alcohol, controlled or illegal substances, or any other substance that may impair performance or pose a hazard to the safety and welfare of the passengers and/or the public.
  • Drivers may not smoke during rides (including the carrying of lit cigars, e-cigarettes, cigarettes and pipes) and in vehicles transporting passengers.
  • Drivers may not share personal information about other drivers or passengers.
  • Drivers should never be distracted by or use a mobile phone while on the road. Phones may be mounted and used for navigation, however the device itself should always remain hands-free when the vehicle is in motion.


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