How to use the OneLane app?

1. Download the app

Visit our website and download the app or search in the App Store for "OneLane app" to download.


2. Register

Scroll through the Welcome Screens or can just click on Sign Up:

Fill out the quick & simple registration form and follow the instructions for activating your app:


3. Home screen & navigation

Once your account is activated and you open the app, your default screen will always be the Home Screen:

On this Home Screen, you will always see a few of the OneLane drivers in your vicinity. Tap on the thumbnail images to see a brief background on those drivers. You will also see the Get Started button for when you are ready to request a meet & greet with drivers or schedule a ride.

At the bottom of the Home Screen, you have three navigation menu icons. Click on the left "calendar" icon to view your upcoming rides (if any scheduled) and your past rides. Click on the right "person" icon to view your miscellaneous account items. Click on the middle "home" icon to go back to the Home Screen.


4. Meet & Greet with the driver beforehand (optional)

When it's the first time that you sign up in the app, you will see a Get Started button on the Home Screen. 

Once you click it, you would have two options that are Meet a driver and Schedule a ride. As we will assign you a regular driver for your rides, you may want to meet them first to get to know more about them. 

If you require to meet up with the Guardian (free and without commitment), just click the Request meet & greet button, then fill in a short information for us so we can match an appropriate driver for you:


Just simply submit it and then we will email you or the driver will contact you themselves as soon as we match a driver for your family. 


5. Schedule a ride / rides

On the Home Screen, click on the Schedule Ride(s) button. On the next screen, click on each individual item to add / select that info:

Please note that you are only adding each passenger and location just once (when you schedule the first time). That info is then saved for future use. You can edit that saved info for a passenger or a location by going to your Account menu.

Also, when adding a passenger, the mobile number requested is for the passenger that we will be driving and not for the parent. 

However, you can also add yourself (as a parent/carer) to ride along with the passenger if you would like to. 


Apart from scheduling a single ride, you can also schedule repeating rides for the same times and same locations. 

In the dates and time section, you can see there are two options there which are single ride and repeat rides. Select the start date and end date you need, choose the days in the week and the time on the days you want, click Add and there you go! The repeating date can be up to 10 weeks. 


An estimated fare will be displayed when all info has been entered. Click submit when done. (If it is repeating rides, it will be displayed the estimated fare for a single ride of each.)


6. Ride & Care service


From June 2016, we have launched a brand new service called "Ride & Care" now. It will allow you to book an additional childcare service pre or post the rides. 

Please make sure you updated our latest version of the app before you making any childcare bookings. 

In the new version of the app, you will see there is a little difference there on the schedule screen: 


Yes now there is an another bar called "Childcare" there. It will give you the additional service apart from just the rides (pickup and dropoff only) and make your days even less stressful and time free.    


Click into it, you will see a separate page just for Childcare settings. 

In this section, please choose that if you want to have a pre-ride (before the ride) childcare or a post-ride (after the ride) one. 

Please note that you can only book for blocks (from 30 mins to 2 hours, each block is 30 mins). 


On your booking summary page you can review everything again before you submitting the booking. 

Once has the Guardian confirmed, you will be able to see her information both in the app and email. They will give you a call to confirm the booking and introduce themselves as well (if you haven't seen her before). 

After you submitting the bookings, you can always review them at anytime in your "My Rides" page in your app. 



Now you can really lay back and relax. What you need to do is checking your phone for tracking the status of the booking and enjoy your own time. 


7. Await confirmation

After submitting your first ride, you will receive an email confirmation to confirm the request, including some important information to keep in mind when using our service.

Then 12 hrs before the ride, we send a follow-up email with the confirmed driver and their information. That confirmation email will contain a brief background info on the driver, their picture, and contact number. We certainly encourage you to give the driver a call beforehand to acquaint them, given that we match the same drivers to the same family on a regular basis, to the extent possible.

On the day of the ride, the app will notify you an hour in advance of the upcoming ride. And then a notification again when the driver has arrived. Feel free to come and say hi to the driver if you are home.

Then throughout the ride, you receive in-app progress updates, so that you have insight and up-to-date info at all times!


Browse our other questions in the Help Centre to learn more. Any other questions, comments, or general ideas? Click on "Submit a question" at the top and send us a message. We would love to hear from you! 




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